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The secret to our success is our intimate knowledge of Motion Picture and the seamless integration of our teams from the beginning of a project. No matter if you are a small business with no internal marketing or if you are a marketing agency with a tried and true marketing team, we are there for you at every step of your project. Our clients have found that having our help consulting on projects from the beginning helps streamline workflow, save time, improve efficiency, shape creative and in turn, save money. We are natural collaborators, and through collaboration find an efficient route to effective art which has been our mission from day one.




Our in-house team of marketing creatives and copywriters come from a background in film as well as other creative mediums such as photography and visual art. Their background allows them to view creative problems in a different way than other marketing teams, which also aids in constructive collaboration. Our clients are not the only ones happy with our work, our creative team has won numerous awards for the Ads they wrote and produced.



Our greatest assets are our crew and network of contractors who are continually working on projects for very large national and global brands at the absolute cutting edge of Motion Picture technology and philosophy. Using our strong personal industry connections, as well as an intimate understanding of how to efficiently produce a Motion Picture. We can bring that high budget knowledge and experience to our clients at a fraction the cost.



Lights, Camera, Action! Making a DeCon Films Ad takes a great deal of specialized equipment. We own Camera, Lighting and Editing equipment. This equipment is utilized on all of our client shoots cutting cost as well as maintaining a high production value.



We are all natural creators and tinkerers at DeCon Films. We operate a full custom shop where we regularly build custom film equipment from scratch. From cranes, LED light arrays, flame effects, and more, we are continually innovating and fabricating custom equipment to provide solutions for unique client projects. We love when clients challenge us with “impossible” ideas because that is just our cue to get to work on another crazy invention.


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We are located in Atlanta, GA but don't worry, no distance is to far, air travel is our close friend.


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We would love to hear from you. No hour is too late and no day is off limits 24/7 we would love to chat. Give us a ring at 919.827.7737 or drop us a line.

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