It's no secret a cinematic image is made with the lighting. DeCon Films owns a one ton Grip & Electric trailer stocked with lighting equipment assembled to service sets big and small. 


There's a new sheriff in town.

The Airo 18 is a custom built one of a kind 1800w LED array. 

Kit Highlights:  

  •  The Airo 18, a Custom one of a kind 1800W LED simalar to the output of an Arri M18
  • Two HMIs, a 575w and a 1200w, perfect for day exteriors or moon light through a window
  •  A 20-foot heavy-duty Jib that can easily support an Alexa or Epic body. 
  •  All equipment easily rolls in on 4 custom carts
  • Heavy-duty C-stands, Baby stands, and combo stands.
  • 4 X 4 flags, 24” X 36” flags and nets
  • Large assortment of grip clamps
  • First-aid kit
  • Tungsten, LED and HMI lights